The thing that I want to do for my career is that I want to have a better and good life. I will want to have a house that I can have my own rules. When I get mired I will use that house for me and my family. I will get a job and to earn very good money and a good job that not many people can get in. I will go to college.  So I will get a better diploma.

When I get a good job that I will like. Frist I will have to make money so then I can buy a house and then buy whatever I want. Then maybe I will get a second job so I will be able to make more money because that is the most impotent. The money is real impotent to me and my life. With money I will be able so I will be able to buy whatever I want that I will like.

I will do a lot of things to be able to make money to buy things. The things will do is that I will go to school to do better in my career. I will do a lot of work and to get good money so I will do a lot of money. That  is all I would do.

The fist mistake that I made was that I made a mess in my house. But then my mom had made me to clean all that up. So I did. The second thing was that I had  got my mom so made some times and the thing that my mom did to me so I would be able to stop is that she had hit me with a belt. Then I had stop doing that for now on in my life.

The 3rd thing is that I was riding my bike but I had not know how to ride one and I almost hit a car.